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About the character
Name: Ashton David Crenshaw
Age: 20
Hometown: Taunton Massachusetts
Student/Staff/Townie: Student
Year if student: Junior
Major or subject taught: Acting (drama)
Clubs and sports involved in: Delta Tau Delta. swim team
Housing (Dorms, Greek Row, Off Campus, may choose single or double): Single room, Greek row
PB: Ryan Guzman
Interests: Girls, beer, acting, Stallone movies, fast cars, greasy food, Camel menthols, music, school, Delta Tau Delta, flirting, jogging, the night life
Characteristics, traits and personality: Slightly arrogant and conceded Ashton is your typical pretty faced, Frat boy. He's handsome, athletic and charming, worst of all he knows it. While he is dedicated to his major, wanting to one day make a huge splash in Hollywood, he doesn't care much for his other classes, thinking a waste of time. When will he ever need to know physics, when performing a steamy love scene with Angelina Jolie, after all? Ashton spends most of his free time either desperately trying to land a roll in some professional stage show. Unfortunately New York is a musical town, and he can't sing a lick. Though he'd never admit it out-loud Abernathy is becoming what he thinks to be his last chance at success. If completing thespian training at the well respected art school doesn't earn him, his name in lights, he's afraid he might just end up a working class shlub like his father. Luckily he had his brothers of Delta Tau Delta, there to always offer pick me ups by way of wild Frat parties and other Greek row hijinks.
Brief history and background: Ever since he was a young teen Ashton had always been being told he was too good looking to end up in just a regular, every day job. That he as meant for something that would put him in the spotlight and after years of hearing how he was too good to be living in unknown town, in New England, he started to believe it himself. Ashton started out getting involved in anything that he could during his elementary, middle and high school days that would put him on stage. Joining the drama club, taking part in talent shows and even attention meetings of a poetry reading group after classes in the auditorium. Anything he could that he thought would help him hone his craft, and get him one step closer to an Oscar.

There isn't much work for an actor in the boy's home town of Taunton Massachusetts and both Ashton and his parents knew if he stood any chance of making it big he was going to need to go where he could be discovered. That meant getting the young man out to where the magic happened, either NYC or LA. Unable to afford the more pricey Julliard, the Crenshaws were elated when they found the Abernathy Institute, as the lesser known school was more affordable and more willing to work students to arrange their tuition. Ashton's father was forced to sell his prized 56 Corvette, which he had restored with his own hands, to pay for his son's schooling, and now the dreams of family are resting on the boy's shoulders. If he fails he's not only disappointing himself but he's letting down his family too.


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